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Dear Thogata Veera Kshatriya Family Members,

Good wishes to all, on the eve of launching this Website. We would like to bring your notice that, The Main Purpose of this site is to create awareness and bring the unity in the Thogata Veera Kshatriya Community, so as to develop one and all in terms of goodness and welfare.

On this occasion, we appeal to our all Thogata Veera Kshatriya Family Members, to register your family details as a Community member.It will provide mutual help to get or to provide guidance to your community member with ease and affection.

Further that we wish to maintain data bank of the persons who are working in the fields of Medical Servces, Educational Services, all Government Services and other Eminent persons who are willing to come forward to serve the society, so as to make them helpful to our Thogata Veera Kshatriya Family Members. The Data will be published in our website.

Marriage Bureau is a tool through this website is intended to maintain the data bank so as to help the community. This is providing only to the member who will sign as a member.

As a part of that, we invite valuable suggestions from all Educated, Experienced, learned persons of the Community .

Thanks to one and all inviting your valuable Cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,




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